your life is like a tv show

Today we ask that you let go of the attachment to drama.

Many of you enjoy films and TV shows that are highly dramatic, in which characters are swept up in great dramas.  In fact, great drama cannot exist without suffering, stressed-out, conflicted characters.

And yet in life, do you want to be a suffering, conflicted, stressed-out character caught up in drama?

You may be such a person.  But chances are, you do not want such a life for yourself, no matter how much you enjoy dramatic TV shows.

One of the pleasures one feels in watching a film or TV drama is that you often feel like you are smarter than the characters, or know better than they.

This is because you are witnessing the fictional characters, so you have a larger perspective.  You may know things they don’t know.  Certainly, sitting on your sofa, you are in a calmer place to make decisions than they are.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could witness your own life the same way you witness fictional characters on TV?

The truth is, you can.

This is, in fact, one of the great benefits of meditative practices.  By learning to calm the mind, you become more of a witness, or observer, of your life drama.  It is like sitting in a couch watching the TV show of your life, instead of being the unhappy, stressed-out character caught up in the drama.

With meditative practice, you start to see your life as a drama much like what is on TV — and begin to step outside of it.

There is you, the Character in the drama.

And there is you, the Observer of the drama.

The more you identify with the “Observer” role, the more calm and stable your experience of life will be.

But this requires a true desire and commitment to being a less dramatic person.  Drama is actually very addictive, and some people are quite addicted to constant drama and upheaval.

If you earnestly desire a calmer life, know that it is possible.  Learn to meditate.  Engage in practices that relax and stabilize your mind.

Then you will be more and more the witness — the person on the couch watching your life drama unfold — instead of the unhappy soap opera character.

It is your choice.