Today we ask that you know what it is to really love someone.  

Love, in its pure form, is a very innocent thing.  It swells from the heart.  It is what you feel playing with or cuddling a beloved animal.  It is unconditional.  It asks nothing of the other.  It accepts the other fully and completely.

Confusion arises when one begins to feel possessive about another person.  “This person is mine.”  “This person belongs to me.”

It is most common to feel this way about a lover, or a child.  But it can happen in any human relationship.

Suddenly, the pure love becomes mingled with fear.

What if I lose this person?

What if this person changes, and stops loving me?

What if something bad happens to this person?

I must do something to protect this relationship.

I must keep this relationship safe.

And now darker behaviors begin to emerge.  You will do anything to protect the relationship — and that includes controlling and manipulating the other person.  There is a clinging, grasping quality to the relationship.

Ultimately, this clinging and grasping destroys the love that was once at the heart of the relationship.  It is a very sad, and all too commonplace, occurrence.

If you truly love someone, you must accept, right now, that you cannot forever keep them as they are right in this moment.

Children grow up.

Beloved friends and partners pass away.

It is inevitable.

People change.  They enter new phases of their lives.

Sometimes they may do things that seem very unsafe to you.  You cannot stop them from doing such things through force, or manipulation, as well-intentioned as you may be.  That will only worsen the situation.

All you can do is love them.  You must keep returning to love, in its purest, most innocent, most accepting form.

The greatest of all loves is the love that can let go.  The love that doesn’t cling, or grasp, or try to keep things the same way forever.

Let go.  Let go.

Trust that the love you feel is not lost, and will never be lost.

Release your loved ones to follow their paths.  Let them go.  It is the greatest gift you can give.