Today we ask that you pay attention to the ways in which you cling and grasp at things.

Almost everyone clings and grasps.  It is not a bad thing.  Little children cling to their parents.  Clinging and grasping is what very young beings do, especially when they feel unsafe.

With healthy children, the time always comes to let go of mama and dad and go off into the world.  If the child feels secure, this transition can go very smoothly.  If the child does not feel secure, it can be a difficult transition.

All of life is like this.  When you are young, you cling and grasp.  As you grow into mature beings, you learn to let go with grace.

Ultimately, in this life, you cannot really hold on to anything forever.  One of the great markers of growth and maturity is the ability to let go with grace.

You let go of the past.  You let go of experiences — both pleasurable, and painful experiences.  You let go of your cravings, your addictions, your ego-driven ambitions.  You let go of the people you love, allowing them to live their own lives.

You let go of your youth, as you age.

At death, you let go of your physical body, and your attachment to this world of form.

These transitions can be easy, or they can be hard.  It all depends on your state of mind.  It depends on how much you tend to grasp and cling to things, even as it is clear that life is pulling you away, and you must let go.

There is no greater skill to cultivate in life than the art of letting go with grace.

For people who let go with grace, life is like a beautiful dance.

And it is okay that most of you aren’t there yet.

You are a very young people — human beings, that is.  And you are all learning.  Always learning.

Trust that if you let go, reality will be there to catch you, like a loving parent.

Whenever you notice yourself clinging and grasping, please try, ever so gently, to let go.

You will see that things usually go more smoothly when you do.

In time you may become very good at letting go.  It is a skill that increases with practice, like any another.  And it is never too late to learn.