Today we ask that you meditate on the power of things that appear to be weak.

What does this mean?

In your world, you tend to believe that powerful things are strong, and aggressive.  In order to get anything done, you must use force.  You must yell at problems.  You must whip things into shape.  You must “power through.”  And many of you believe in the necessity of violent action, under certain conditions.

In short, your image of strength and power is not all that different from a gorilla’s.  It involves a lot of big muscles, and chest-beating, and howling.  That is the only way to dominate one’s reality.

But really, this isn’t true at all.

The strongest things in your reality are totally invisible to you.  The forces that bind atoms and molecules, the force of gravity — you are not aware of these things, for the most part.  And yet they affect you at every moment.

Tiny bacteria are stronger than the strongest of men.  Individually, they are weak, and easily destroyed.  But of course bacteria, in numbers, can kill the strongest man.

A glass of water does not seem very strong.  Water seems weak.  Of course, it carved the Grand Canyon.  When it forms a tsunami, you witness its power.

Air is invisible, and yet the wind wears down mountains.

A newborn baby is in many ways stronger than the strongest adult.  Weak as an infant may appear to be, she can scream her lungs out!

Women are considered the weaker sex — yet they create new life within their bodies, and give birth.

So it is you live in a topsy-turvy world.  Everything is backwards.  What you believe to be strong and powerful is not strong at all.  What you don’t pay attention to, what you consider invisible or weak — that is where the true power lies.

Therefore if you wish to align yourself with that which is truly powerful, you must align yourself with that which may appear to be “weak.”

It is counterintuitive, but absolutely true.

Align yourself with what is invisible — the air, the space, the seeming emptiness.

Be fluid, like water.

This is what happens when you stop arguing.

If you are like water, then you can get under doors and walls.  

If a gorilla attacks a pool of water, the water is not hurt.  All that happens is the gorilla gets wet.