Today we ask that you stay conscious of the ways in which you fantasize about things.

People daydream.  They daydream about becoming rich and famous.  They daydream about their children becoming rich and famous.  They daydream about fictional characters in movies and TV.  They daydream about celebrities.  They daydream about dream weddings, dream houses, dream babies.  They daydream about getting makeovers, or getting fit and beautiful.  They daydream about winning the lottery.  They have great romances going in their minds.

It is easy to get quite lost in all these fantasies.  And sometimes that can be dangerous.

Many of you know, or have known, someone who is madly, romantically in love with someone who does not return their feelings.  Often, when you meet the object of such a person’s affections, you think: “That person?”  You may be able to easily perceive things about this person that your daydreaming romantic friend cannot see at all.

There is nothing wrong with dreams and romance.  But problems arise as people become deeply disconnected from reality, so lost are they in their fantasies, and projections.

It is one thing to do something because you love to do it.

It is another to do something because you fantasize that it might make you rich and famous.

It is one thing to fall in love with someone from a space of deep, true connection.

It is another to become romantically obsessed with someone you do not really know.

It is one thing to wish for your children to be happy and fulfilled in their lives.

It is another to project all your own failed ambitions upon your children, and daydream about their grand futures.

When something is based more on egotistical fantasy, rather than truth, reality has a way of stripping everything away except that which is true, and real.

This process can feel very painful, but it is essential to growth, and maturation.

Ultimately, you may find yourself in a calm, stable place.  There, you are at peace with where you are right at this moment — and you no longer have any need to fantasize.

Please know that there is nothing wrong with dreaming, or having desires.

The question is: is this dream or desire rooted in the True Self?  Does it come from love?

Or is it bubbling up from the False Self.  Does it have a grasping, clinging quality?  Does this fantasy make you feel like you are special, or worth more, or more important?

If you love to dance, you love to dance.  It is not about being somebody special, or worth more than other people.

If you love a person, you love that person for who she or he is.  But being with that person will not make you special, or worth more.

That is how to tell the difference between a true dream that arises from the heart, or a fantasy that arises from the ego.

Dreams do come true.

Fantasies tend to go up in smoke.