Today we ask that you know that life is worthwhile.

For many, human existence seems like a difficult, challenging, unrewarding experience.

If you had any say in the matter, you would have much rather been born on some happier, more peaceful planet.

Such places do exist.

And yet here you are.  Why are you here?

You are here because you chose to be here.

It is as simple as that.

You chose this particular space and time in which to experience human existence, with all its challenges and suffering.

No one forced you to come here.

It was not a punishment.

It was not because of “bad karma” from another life.

It was not because you are not yet evolved enough.

This is not hell, or purgatory.

You chose to be here, now.  You chose it.

And all the basic parameters of your existence, you consented to in advance.

It is okay if you do not believe this.

Not believing this is a part of the journey you chose.

But if any part of you is open to this concept, it is interesting to play with.

If you came here of your own free will, why.

Why might that be?

If you were not born into circumstances beyond your control, if you were not born a powerless victim in a frightening world…

… if you actually chose this…

… why might that be?

And why this world, of all places?

Imagine that you are an immortal being.  Why would you choose to come to this place in particular, and forget who you are?

You don’t have to believe this.  Even if you don’t believe it, it’s a fun idea to play with.