Today we ask that you know what is real, and what is not real.

There is only one real and true thing in your reality.

That is love.

Love is real.

Anything that is born out of love, is real.

You live in a reality that is very dream-like, and fluid.  If you could see things unfold from the perspective of a mountain looking down on a city, human activity would look like a continual swirl of creation and destruction.  Things are built and destroyed.  Everything changes.  Nothing lasts.

You live in a reality that is built on shifting sand.

And yet there is a ground, a root, under the sand.  This ground does not move and shift.

Love instantly connects you with that place that exists beyond time and form.  It is the ground.  It is the root.

By love, we mean unconditional love.  It is just love, without any desire to fix or control.  You love something or someone just as it is, just as they are.  It is a very innocent feeling.

Confusion arises out of fear.  Fear leads to delusion, and a disconnection from love.  You become fixated on the shifting sands, and can no longer feel the solid ground beneath you.

With that comes a clinging, and a grasping, that is not rooted in love, but rather a fear-driven desire to control.

The fear-driven, controlling desire craves certain things:

Specialness.  Wealth.  Power.  Safety.  Security.  Dominance.  Fame.  Permanence.  Normalcy.  

None of these things are real.  They are all illusions.

Really, they can be simplified into two primary fear-driven desires:



You wish to be special, and you wish to be safe.

And for many, these desires supersede love.  People spend their whole lives wishing to be special, and safe.  They also want love, but specialness and safety are more important.

Specialness and safety are not real.

You cannot achieve specialness, because you already are special.  

Every leaf on every tree is special.  Every cat and dog is special.  Every human born is special.

No one human is ever intrinsically worth more than any other human.

You cannot achieve safety, because you already are safe.

You will die.  This is true for everyone.  You will, sooner or later, experience the death of your physical bodies.

This will not be the end of you, and that is why you are completely safe.

Fame, dominance, and riches — which is how humans achieve what they believe to be specialness, and safety — do not last.  This is because they are not real.  Unreal things never last.  

Every famous person will eventually be utterly forgotten.  Every empire and dynasty will eventually crumble.  Fame, dominance, and riches never last.

Love is real.  The love you feel in your heart, right now, at this moment — that is real.  That is the only real thing there is.

Love is real.

Specialness and safety are illusions.

Love lasts.  The love you put into things lasts.

 That is why you can look at a very old, beautiful work of art whose creator might be completely forgotten — but if love was put into the creation, you will respond to it today.  You will feel the love, across space and time.  The name of the creator is forgotten, and he is long dead; but the love is real, and it lasts.

Specialness and safety do not last, and cannot last.

The more you ground yourself in love, the more solid and real life will begin to feel to you.  You will be less fearful, and more at peace.