Today we ask that you feel and know that there is a purpose to your being here.

There is a purpose to your existence.

There is a purpose to this reality.

There is a purpose to everything that happens.

There is a purpose behind every so-called “failure,” or “mistake.”

There is a purpose behind every perceived misfortune, or tragedy, or disaster.

Everything has a purpose.

Often, there is a Voice that will tell you everything is meaningless.

This Voice will show you all the terrible things that appear to happen in the world.  It will say: “Look, you are powerless to prevent these terrible things.  You are worthless.  You are nothing.”

The Voice will look at what you do with your life, and it will say: “Who are you fooling, thinking that you make a difference to anyone.  It is all a waste.”

This is especially true when you experience setbacks, or traumas.

The Voice will come in, and say: “See.  Here you thought something was working out for you, and it didn’t.  So much for your faith.  It is all meaningless.”

You must not listen to it.

Everything has a purpose.  Every life has a purpose.

Faith is simply the belief that this is so.

Your sense of purpose is not determined by how much you do, or accomplish in this lifetime.

You do not need to do great or noteworthy things, in order to have a purpose.  You do not need to bear or parent children who go on to do great or noteworthy things, in order to have a purpose.  

You do not have to do anything at all.  Even if you do nothing, you still have a purpose.

You are fulfilling your purpose regardless of whether or not you think you are “fulfilling your potential.”

You cannot know the hidden nature of reality.

The crazy homeless person has a purpose.  You have no idea what is really going on.

You are all fulfilling your purpose, whether you know it or not.

That is why, always, the best thing to do is to relax, be calm, and be present in the moment.

In this way your conscious mind can begin to merge with the deeper current that always runs through you, guiding you in every moment.  That deeper awareness is your purpose.  

In that state of consciousness, it is impossible to believe that life has no meaning.  In that state of consciousness, there is meaning and purpose in every blade of grass, and in every grain of sand on the seashore.

You have a purpose, whether or not you believe you do.

But if you believe you do, you feel better, and more peaceful.

Please do not listen to the Voice that says it is all meaningless.  That Voice is a liar.

And yet even that Voice has a purpose.