Today we ask you to loosen up.

Nothing is really all that serious, in your world.  There is nothing that can’t be poked fun at, or made subject to silliness.

The more seriously someone takes himself, the more he is in need of slipping on a banana peel.

And reality has a way of kindly putting banana peels in the path of someone who is taking himself way too seriously.

When you slip on a banana peel, it good to laugh about it.

When you cannot laugh at yourself, it is a sign that your ego has gotten out of hand.

That is why you should never listen to any pundit, counselor, authority figure or guru who seems humorless.  

Lack of a sense of humor means this person is in the grip of the False Self.

People who speak from the heart always smile and laugh at things.

It is a good way to tell if someone is rooted in the True Self, or the False Self.  The True Self never takes anything too seriously.  The False Self always does.

So, in “Star Wars,” Yoda has a great sense of humor.  But Darth Vader is a humorless stick-in-the-mud.

Whenever you are feeling humorless and serious about life, it’s a good time to send in the jokesters and the silly ones to lighten the mood.

Blessed are the comedians, truly.  Blessed are the people who can make others laugh.

There is no place so dark that laughter cannot brighten it.

Laughter is one of the great balms of the world, a healer of all wounds.  It pours forth from the heart.

Pay attention to those times when you feel very serious and uptight about something.

That is the time to send in the clowns.

If you don’t, reality might just throw a banana peel in your way.

Laugh.  Laugh.  Laugh.

It is not all so serious.