Today we ask you to appreciate the value of uncomfortable situations.

Often in life, you are denied things that you want very badly.  They may be things you have desired since you were a child.  They may be things you have worked very hard to achieve.

And when this happens, part of you screams: “It isn’t fair!”

We are here to tell you:

It is fair.  Life actually is fair.

The response to this is usually to throw up all the ways that life obviously isn’t fair.  What about all the awful things that happen to perfectly good people?  What about innocent children who die in accidents, or from diseases?  

Surely that isn’t fair.

What about victims of violent crimes?  People who die in natural disasters, and wars?

Clearly such things are grossly unjust and not fair at all.  And anyone who claims that “life is fair” is some sort of out-of-touch pollyanna or else downright insane.

And yet… life is fair.

Here is why it is fair:

What you think of as “the sum total of existence” is, in fact, a tiny fragment of reality.

If you lived in a kingdom of blind people, anyone who believed in the existence of colors and visual images would be considered crazy.

If you lived in a kingdom of deaf people, anyone who believed in the existence of music would be considered crazy.

You live in a kingdom of blind, deaf people.

There are other kinds of blindness and deafness, and by that measure, most humans are quite blind and deaf.

Even so, in every generation, some people experience glimmers of true sight, and sound.  Enough to share their experiences with others — and often be labeled “crazy.”

So when we tell you that life is 100% fair, we are basing that on a perspective that most humans cannot currently perceive.

Part of that perspective is based on the truth that nothing ever dies — which is to say, your existence will not be snuffed out at physical death.

If things are not snuffed out of existence at physical death, that takes the sting out of a great deal of perceived injustice.

This is nothing new.  Since the beginning of time, the greater dimensions of existence have been accessible to humans, and many have described their “mystical” experiences.

The problem arises when blind and deaf people attempt to make sense out of what someone means when they describe a beautiful sunset, or a symphony.  Things tend to get garbled in translation.

This is why we encourage you to access the place of true vision for yourself, via meditative practices that will connect you with the still, wordless place that lies within.  There, you can “see” and “hear” for yourself — but only when the thinking mind is still, and quiet.  

As for uncomfortable experiences: the sole purpose of such is to draw you back to your True Self.  The Self that exists beyond your transient ego identity, with all its programs and beliefs about the world.

In other words: the reason you are blind and deaf is because you are wearing a blindfold, and earplugs.

The blindfold and earplugs are your ego identity — the incessant chatter of your thinking mind, with all its fears and desires, stories and projections about the way life ought to be.

Uncomfortable experiences have a way of stripping down the ego.  And that can sometimes let a burst of light in through the blindfold, or a blast of music in through the earplugs.  

Consider how much you’ve grown in life as a result of uncomfortable experiences.

So that is why the universe is not cruel, because it sometimes denies you what you so desperately crave.

Addicts in withdrawal are uncomfortable.  And the ego is terribly addictive.  

The ego is addicted to things like approval, admiration, control, consumption, and security.  It is always hungry, never satisfied.  It can never get enough.

Part of the discomfort you experience when your desires are denied is not dissimilar to an addict’s withdrawal symptoms.

Ultimately what reality is going for, in terms of your evolution, is this:

An unshakeable inner peace that is in no way dependent on what is happening outside of you.

And fully restored inner senses.  Reality wants you to see all there is to see, hear all there is to hear, taste all there is to taste, smell all there is to smell, touch all there is to touch.  And experience for yourself the senses beyond these five.

That is what life is actually doing.

And that is why life is not unfair.