Today we ask that you know how very free you are.

You are free.

Most humans do not believe they are free.  They think they are stuck in a prison.  They perform their jobs, and do what they think they are supposed to be doing.  They have been born into a particular identity, and they are stuck with it.

Even in countries where part of the collective belief system is that anyone can elevate themselves out of the class they were born into, there is still a sense of imprisonment.  There, the dream of accruing wealth becomes its own special hell.  Everyone competes to climb ladders, everyone is stuck in the rat race.  And even if they achieve the reward of wealth — a nice house, cars, private school for the kids, and so on — they are still stuck in a kind of hell.

Please: question these things that you have been told you should want so badly.

Question the images on television, and in advertisements.  Question the covers of the magazines.

Question all these things you believe you need, in order to feel like you are worth something.

Most humans are like someone sitting in a prison cage, with the door wide open.  The door is wide open, but they do not get up and walk out.  Instead, they sit in the cage, and complain about how awful the food is in the cage, and how horrible it is to live in the cage.

The door is wide open.  You can leave at any time.

You can leave the moment you begin to question your beliefs about the way life works, and what people are supposed to do.

You can leave when you question your beliefs about what gives people their “worth.”

You can leave when you begin to question your own identity.

Ask: “Am I really this person?”

Am I defined by what I do for a living?  Am I an accountant?  Am I a bartender?  Am I an assistant in an office? 

Is that all I am?

Am I a mother or a father with kids and a mortgage to pay?

Is that all I am?

Am I a senior citizen with my best years behind me?

Am I a high school student who worries about grades?

Is that all I am?

Who am I?

Who am I, really?

If you keep asking this question, and follow it deeper and deeper into your heart, you will be shown the door that leads out of your sense of imprisonment.

You are free.

You are free, because you are not who you think you are.  That is not all you are.