Today we ask that you know what is true and real in your world.

Yesterday, we spoke of impermanence.  This is the idea that all things must pass.

And it is true that all material things do pass.  Houses, cathedrals, works of art, physical bodies.  Empires, dynasties.  All these things do pass.

But there is one thing that does not pass.

And that is love.

Love exists in the present moment.  It is therefore eternal.  It does not pass.

Things pass, it is true.

But if you stepped into a time machine, and were whisked 20,000 years into the future, into a world that was utterly unrecognizable to you, you would still recognize one thing:


If an alien spaceship teleported you into another dimension, you would respond to warmth and love just as you do right now.

Humans live with animals.  You are different species, and share no common language.  Yet you have no difficulty communicating with your pets.  You love them, and they love you.

So love is universal.  It transcends space, time, and form.  It is recognizable everywhere.

And it does not pass.

When you think of someone you love who has left the physical body, that love remains fresh, and vibrant.  The warmth comes flooding back, undimmed by the passage of time.

Works of art that last a long time do so because of the love their creators put into them.  They do not last forever, it is true.  But the love is not lost.

It is a mystery.  It is not easy to explain, or prove: how in a universe in which all things are impermanent, love is never lost.

And yet this is so.  Matter becomes energy.  Energy becomes matter.  Physicists understand that there is no loss of energy, as things shift from form to formlessness, and back again.

When love is a part of things, even when the physical form passes, the love remains.  In truth, there is not a single thing in your reality that is not permeated by love.

So: you live in a world of form.  In that world, nothing is permanent.  Things are created, things dissolve.

Things that the ego attaches to, like wealth and fame — these are, of course, impermanent.  There were many silent film stars who were known all over their world in their day.  Today, most of you would not recognize them, or know their names.  So it goes.

The things of the ego do not last.

But the love remains.  Today, if you watch a silent film, though you may not recognize the stars, you will clearly perceive the love they put into their work, if it is there to be seen.  You will respond to that love.

Love is real.  Nothing else is.

There is a Voice that will tell you that if nothing is permanent, then everything is hopeless.  Why do anything, if it will die and be forgotten?

But that Voice does not tell the truth.

Love, which exists in the present moment, is undying.  It cannot be lost, or forgotten.

Love is real.  Nothing else is.