Today we ask that you recognize the value of destructive forces.

You live in a reality in which nothing is permanent.  Nothing lasts.  In time, even the pyramids of Egypt will be worn down to sand and dust.

Most people find this very threatening.  They desire permanence.  They want to make their mark on the world.  They want to build dynasties, so that even if they die, their children will succeed them.

But this is impossible.  Not even the most powerful of dynasties ever lasts.

All empires crumble.  People who were famous in your world fifty years ago — or less — are already forgotten.

But this does not mean that everything is hopeless, and that there is no point in doing anything.

It simply means that everything you do happens in this present moment.

When children go to the beach, they build sand castles.  They do it with great joy.  They often take equally great joy in the destruction of the castle, as the waves roll in.

Children build great towers of blocks, then gleefully destroy them.

They understand that without destroying the sand castles and towers of blocks, there would be no room to build something new.

Think what this world would be like if no one ever died, and nothing decayed.

There would be no room!

No room for new things.

And that is why the destructive force is a part of life, and can be embraced.

Children are more present than adults.  They know that if a sand castle is destroyed, they can build another.  They enjoy the play, the process.

All things must pass.

That includes your trauma, and your pain.  All your suffering, all your grief.  Time is even now washing it away, just as it is washing away the pyramids.

In this way, even death can be a comfort — for it is true that sooner or later, all your trauma and pain will pass.

Despite the myths that certain religions promulgate, there is no such thing as everlasting torment.

You dwell in a good reality.  Destruction has its place, and is an essential part of creation.

If you can meet the dark face of reality with understanding and acceptance, then you will be liberated from fear.