Today we ask that you know the value of a clear mind.

There is nothing more valuable than a clear, stable mind.

A clear, stable mind is sane.  It is peaceful.  It is capable of clear thought.  It is creative.  It is compassionate.  It is logical.  It can make clear decisions.

It is not reactive, compulsive, violent, or addictive.  It is not insane.

Very few people in the world have truly clear minds.

When your mind is clear and stable, you feel a deep sense of well-being.

It is very difficult to keep a clear mind in your world.  This is in part because most of the information and material that you ingest into your mind via television and the internet is highly destabilizing.

Some of you know the value of “detoxing” your body — by going on a very simple, healthful diet, and fasting from heavy and sweet foods.

Most of you are in desperate need of a “mental detox.”

How very good it would be for most of you to go on a one week fast from TV, and the internet.

You would feel like changed people.  Clear, calmer, more stable in your minds.

And truly, your lives would not end if you were not up on the latest news for one week.

Even if you cannot fast for a full week, any amount of “mental detox” would be good for you.

The mind cannot ingest and process all the information you are taking in.  It was not designed to do so.  It is evolving as rapidly as it can to meet the demands your society places on it — but it is past its capacity.

A whole host of illnesses arises from chronic mental overstimulation — insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and many other stress-related symptoms.

Give your brains a well-deserved break.

The world will not end if you do not check Facebook and Twitter for a week.

And you will feel so much better.

Almost everyone is in desperate need of a “mental detox.”