Today we ask that you consider the ways in which you think of yourself as a “slave.”

It is a very pervasive thought form in your world.

Many believe they are “slaves to their paycheck.”

Some feel enslaved by their responsibilities.

Some feel enslaved by their parents.

Some feel enslaved by their spouses.

Some feel enslaved by their children.

Some feel enslaved by their possessions.

Some feel enslaved by their debt.

Some feel enslaved by their poverty.

Some feel enslaved by society.

Some feel enslaved by religion.

Some feel enslaved by an angry God.

Some feel enslaved by illness.

Some feel enslaved by their bodies.

Some feel enslaved by their sexuality.

Some feel enslaved by their race or gender.

Some feel enslaved by their past.

Some feel enslaved by their future.

Some feel enslaved by their addictions.

With the feeling of enslavement comes a feeling of being trapped, imprisoned, and helpless.  There is no way out.

So: we ask you to look at the ways in which you feel enslaved.

And once you have it in mind, ask yourself: “Is it really true, that I am a slave to this thing?”

Is someone literally holding a gun to my head, forcing me to do this thing?

Is there truly no escape, no way out?

Even if you are dealing with physical illness, is there truly no other way to feel, other than that you are an oppressed, helpless victim?

Can you see that you actually do have power, and that you are nobody’s slave?

Even with addictions, there are ways in which you can reclaim your power.  There is help.  

No one is forcing you at gunpoint to remain in a job you despise.

Helplessness is a learned behavior.  It is usually learned in childhood.  Once learned, it tends to become a way of life, even after one has grown up, and is no longer at the mercy of parental authority figures.

Children often feel like slaves.  They have no say in what is happening to them.  While obviously a child cannot do whatever she wishes at all times, more aggressive forms of forcing a child’s obedience can have a debilitating effect on their consciousness.  It creates a slave.

When people feel like slaves, sometimes they act out with violence.  When you feel like a slave, you sometimes falsely believe that violence is your only recourse.

The violence is either turned inward against the self, or outward against other people.

Certain forms of religious worship promulgate slave consciousness.  In such religions, God is portrayed as an object of fear; a capricious, angry, wrathful God.  Such a God is the ultimate master of slaves, and all who worship such a deity assimilate slave consciousness.

No such God exists.  This reality is purely loving.  This universe is purely loving.  It asks nothing of you.  It just loves you, the way a healthy, loving parent loves the newborn child in her arms.

It is not easy to drop slave consciousness, if it has been programmed into you.  But it can be dropped.

It can be dropped when you recognize that you truly do have a conscious choice about the things you do.  In all likelihood, no one is holding a gun to your head.

You are not a slave.

You are free, in this life.  The more you believe this in your heart, the more you will experience it.