Today we ask that you have patience with people who are unconscious.

For those of you who are very sensitive and awake in this world, reality often feels like a deeply hostile, unwelcome, insane place.

In truth, there is nothing wrong with reality.  Reality itself is good.

It is just that most people in your world are unconscious.

Many of you have seen “zombie movies.”  Zombie movies speak to a deep awareness that the world is full of unconscious people.

Unconscious people, like zombies, have no idea what it is they are doing, or why.  They are totally controlled by programmed conditioning.  This is partially genetic — the great weight of all your ancestors, and their patterns.  The rest is cultural conditioning learned in childhood from parents and authority figures.

In conflict with this programmed conditioning is the “True Self.”  The True Self is the part of people that begins to wake up and resist the programmed conditioning.

For example: the daughter of a fundamentalist Muslim father who believes that violent terrorist acts are the work of holy martyrs might, after having a child of her own, repudiate her father’s beliefs, for she can perceive how her own child is no different from the children of the “enemy.”

That is how the True Self rises up against programmed conditioning.

Historically, most people do not do this.  They go with their genetic and cultural conditioning, and remain unconscious.

But there are always a few in every generation who wake up and move against the tide of unconsciousness, advancing and evolving humanity.

Such people often feel like they are surrounded by “zombies” — for their vibrance and consciousness is often met with indifference or hostility from the bulk of those they interact with.  And so we have great lights like Da Vinci or Van Gogh, who struggled terribly in their lifetimes.

It is often not easy to be awake in a sleeping world.

But it becomes easier when you learn to have patience and tolerance for the unconscious.

Unconscious people do not understand that there is another way to be.  They are usually very unhappy, but they do not really comprehend that states of well-being or joy are even possible in this world.

When you begin to have compassion for the unconscious ones, and have patience for them, your experience of life will improve.

Unconscious ones are very reactive.  If they sense any hostility or aggression toward them on your part, they will often react violently — just like zombies.

But if you can move among them in a state of patient compassion, they will not sense you in the same way.  You will not trigger them.

And that is when you can begin to help them.

But this can only happen when you are stable and awake in your own mind, and no longer part-zombie yourself.  This means unplugging from your own genetic and cultural conditioning, and following the voice of your True Self.

It is always a dance to be awake in a zombie world, without arousing aggression and hostility.  But the clearer you are in your own consciousness, the easier this dance becomes.

Eventually, you can be like “Neo” in “The Matrix,” and — with a compassionate heart — walk awake without fear in a sleeping world.