Today we ask that you stay grounded.

There is a great tendency in the world right now for people to be very ungrounded in their lives.

One one level, they are completely disconnected from nature, and its rhythms.  People do not spend enough time outdoors, with their feet on the earth.  They do not watch the rising and setting of the sun and moon, or truly experience the seasons.  They do not work the earth, or grow food.  All these activities are deeply grounding.

Instead, people spend their days indoors, under artificial lights, looking at computer and TV screens all day.  Their minds are continuously in a kind of daydream or fantasy mode — thinking thinking thinking. Thinking about the people and the stories on the internet and the TV.  Thinking about the future and the past.  Getting lost in the fantasies of movies, and TV shows, and video games.

There is nothing wrong with any of this.  But for most people, life has become deeply out of balance.  Too much time is spent in the mind, not enough in the body.

A whole host of illnesses arise out of this imbalance — insomnia, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and all the many stress-related illnesses.

The world as a whole also expresses this deep imbalance.  Humans cannot remain so out of touch with the natural world, without the natural world drawing attention to itself — just as individual human bodies draw attention to themselves by getting sick.  It might be said that your planet is currently running a fever.

As above, so below.  Most individual humans run in a state of nervous system overheating.  Many are “burnt out.”  Everyone is a little feverish and overactive in their minds.  With fever comes delirium.  When you are sick with a fever, you often experience terrible anxiety and fear, as the illness works itself through.

When you are sick with a fever, what do you do?

You ground yourself.

You drink hot tea and soup.  You allow yourself to rest, and sleep.

The more thoroughly you do this, the faster the illness passes.

Most people exist in a mentally feverish state, overstimulated by all the information they continually take in on the internet and TV.  Unable to cool off, and rest, and ground themselves.

Ground yourself.  Please, ground yourself.

Put down the phone, step away from the computer.  Turn off the TV.

Go outside.  Look at the sun and moon.  Feel the earth beneath your feet.

Go to a yoga class, and get back into your body.  Dance.  

Play with an animal.  Play with a small child.

Work in a garden.

Turn off the electronic stimuli, and just get back into your body.  Remember this planet you live on.  Listen to the birds.  Watch the clouds.

Slow down.  Cool down.  Rest.

Do you want to know how to save the world?  By doing this.