Today we ask you to know that your experience of reality is entirely a product of your beliefs.

This is a very difficult lesson for many people to grasp.  And yet really it is very simple, and 100% true.

Cynical people have an experience of reality that continuously reaffirms their cynical viewpoint.

People who have difficulty trusting are always feeling betrayed by one person or another.

People who believe they live in a dog-eat-dog world are always fighting to be on top; and always terrified of losing their place in the social hierarchy.  In short, they’re always barking, fighting, or licking their wounds.

People who believe the world is dominated by evil forces are always feeling oppressed, victimized, and helpless.

People who are very judgmental and opinionated about other people spend their lives being terrified of doing the wrong thing.  They are very defensive, and frightened.

And so it goes.

But there is another way.

People whose hearts are open to love, feel loved.

People who exude love and warmth for others, feel loved in return.

People who believe the world is beautiful and miraculous see beauty and miracles everywhere.

People with faith in the intrinsic goodness of reality continually have their faith reaffirmed.

People who appreciate their fellow man, feel appreciated.

People who believe that the purpose of life is to create goodness, peace and joy for themselves and others are always experiencing goodness, peace and joy.

And so it goes.

It really is this simple.

Which life would you prefer?