Today we ask that you understand that every single problem you face can be helped by relaxing.

Tension never helps.  Tightening never helps.  Nervousness never helps.

All it does is create a state in which the mind is clouded, and the body is energetically unbalanced.

This is why an over-caffeinated society like your own is actually less productive than it could be.  All that heavy caffeine consumption creates a lot of tense, nervous people who sleep poorly and do not digest their food well.  And people who sleep poorly and do not digest their food do not think clearly.  

People who do not think clearly may appear to be busy busy busy doing doing doing, but in reality they do not get much done.  There’s a lot of emailing and texting and talking, but really, not much is happening.

Do you want to be productive?

Calm down.

Calm down.


Let those bunched-up nerves unwind.

Go for a walk outside.

Go to a yoga class.

Play with an animal.

Take a nap.

Relax.  Relax.  Relax.

Whatever problems you may face — you will think more clearly about them when you are relaxed, and not a tense, nervous wreck.

That is why it is good to “sleep on a decision.”

Tense people make poor decisions.  They are reactive, and impulsive.

Relaxed people make much better decisions.  Their thought process is calmer, and more measured.

That is why relaxation actually makes you more efficient, and productive.