Today we ask that you listen to your body’s cues.

Many people are at war with their bodies, though they do not consciously understand this.

Your body is your home, your constant companion, and in a very real sense, your best friend in this world.  It cares for you very deeply, and wishes to make you happy.  However, the body’s intelligence is different from that of the mind’s.  So communication between the mind and body can become problematic.

When your mind broadcasts continuous messages of unhappiness and dissatisfaction to your body, your body is very aware of this.  So when you look in the mirror and dislike what you see, or criticize your body for being too fat, or unattractive, or shaped in a way you do not like — it hears you.  When you are angry at your body for not having enough energy, or not functioning with perfect health, like some flawless robot — it hears you.

Being mean to your body is very much like the owner of an animal being cruel to the animal, or a parent being cruel to an infant, or small child.  It is essentially identical behavior, because the body’s consciousness is much more like an animal’s, or a small child’s.  You would never condone such behavior if you witnessed it.  You would be outraged if you saw someone abusing an animal, or small child.

Yet many of you mindlessly abuse your own bodies every single day.  Some of you abuse your bodies very badly indeed — using drugs, for example, to induce certain states.  It is very cruel to force your body into hyper-alertness by taking stimulants, so that it cannot rest, or sleep.  Again, you would not condone it if you saw someone doing this to an animal.  But you will not blink at taking stimulant drugs, or diet/weight loss medication.

Most of you would not overwork an animal the way you casually overwork your own body.  Nor would you feed an animal as carelessly as you may feed your own body.

For those of you who have had wonderful relationships with animals, know that your physical body is an even greater friend to you than your most beloved pet, and in many ways is very similar.  Please treat it with care, and love.  When it is sick or tired, listen to it.  When it craves exercise and time outdoors, listen to it.  

Please be kind to your bodies.  You will feel so much better if you do.