Today we ask that you be very honest with yourself about your state of being.

Many people are perpetually dishonest with themselves about how they truly feel, and this gives rise to countless problems.

So today, be honest with yourself.

If you are weary, rest.

If you are mentally overwrought, give your brain a break.  Don’t just keep pushing.  Step back.

If you do not really wish to do something, don’t do it.

If there’s something you really wish to do, do it.

Just be quiet, and listen to yourself.  What do you need today?  What would really help you to feel better this day?  

If you are quiet, the answer will usually present itself.

But many people are never quiet enough to listen to themselves.

So today, be quiet, and listen.  Be very honest with yourself.  

Follow your feelings.  Do what feels good, and nourishing for your body, and mind.