Today we ask that you accept the nature of your relationships.

People struggle a great deal with their relationships.  They spend a lot of time wishing other people were different.  Friends, lovers, family members, coworkers, even people they barely know — how much energy they spend, wishing other people were different.

They crave more intimacy.  Or else more space.  They want more respect.  They want more attention.  They want everything to be just so, and are very agitated when people do not live up to their expectations.

There is not a single moment of time or energy you have spent wishing for other people to be different, that has not been a total waste.

You may as well wish for water to stop being wet.  You may as well wish for the moon to stop waxing and waning.

Do you want to be happy?

Then stop wasting your time wishing other people were different.

Cats are cats, and dog are dogs, and frogs are frogs.  A cat will never be a dog.  A dog will never be a frog.

The only person you ever have any control over is the person reading these words.

Stop tilting at windmills, and blasting all this wasted energy toward other people.

Do you want to be happy?  Turn that energy inward, toward the self.  Use it to work on your thoughts, your beliefs, your perceptions.

Change the way you think, and then what other people are doing or not doing will not matter to you so much.  Eventually, it will stop mattering at all.  

Leave people be.  Let cats be cats, and dogs be dogs.  Don’t turn people into “projects.”  You want a project?  Go look in the mirror.  There’s plenty to do with that person.  A lifetime’s worth.

Leave other people be.  Accept them, as they are.  You will be much happier, if you do.