Today we ask that you pay attention to voices — both external, and within your own mind — that wish to suppress your feelings of joy.  

Such voices are endemic in your reality.  There is an absurd association between virtue and a lack of joy.  Many people consider it somehow irresponsible for other people to be in a state of joy.  Such voices might say: “There is so much misery in the world, how dare you have a good time.”  Or: “The world is so unstable and dangerous, only a fool would drop his guard and enjoy himself.”

Some religious people believe that divine powers are against joy — that it is far more virtuous to suffer than it is to be happy.

The main block to joy in your reality is the cacophony of Fear Voices.  Turn on the TV, or read the latest news, and you will find a whole choir of voices shrieking at you to be very, very, very afraid.  Awful things have happened!  Awful things are happening!  Awful things will continue to happen!  Stay tuned!  Stay on guard!

So life, for many people, becomes like trench warfare.  They dig themselves a little hidey-hole in the ground, and hide in it.  They believe that sticking your neck out means you expose yourself to danger — snipers are waiting outside, ready to shoot if you give them a chance.

And even though the trench is claustrophobic and constricted, and lacks fresh air and sunlight, far better to stay in that dark, dank little hole than venture out into the no man’s land outside.  Anything could happen out there, and not for the good.

But what if all that isn’t true.  What if, outside the trench, there’s a field of flowers, and sunlight, and trees.  There’s room to stretch your legs, and play, and sing, and dance.

And we are here to tell you now, if you believe in God — God wants you to play, and sing, and dance, and enjoy the good, green earth.  And if you do not believe in God, then believe that life in a physical body under the sun is brief, and it is not meant to be wasted in misery.  Do you think that anyone, on his deathbed, wishes that he’d been more miserable?  Dying people, sick people — all wish they’d enjoyed their health and vitality more, that they’d been more awake and appreciative in their time, rather than bogged down with a million meaningless cares.

Life is meant to be enjoyed.  Really.  Truly.  And if you feel bad because people in the world are suffering, you are not helping them one bit by suffering on their behalf.  

But if you choose to enjoy yourself, there’s a far greater chance that you will do or invent or create something that will help your fellow man.  If nothing else, your joy will be infectious, and help spread joy to the people you encounter.  This far more useful than being miserable.

Do not listen to the suppressive voices, whether they are outside, or inside.  Don’t live your life like a scared little mouse in a hole.  Pick yourself up, and breathe the fresh air.  Play, dance, sing, create.  That is your purpose here.  There is no other.