Today we ask that you be sensitive to your body’s energetic rhythms and cycles.

Every human body has rhythms and cycles — the male no less than the female, even if the female’s cycles are more pronounced, and easier to track.

All humans naturally cycle through periods of more energy and less energy.  Again, in women, this is more clearly observable in relation to the menstrual cycle.  But it occurs in men, too, as well as in women past the age of menopause.

Sadly, most modern people are so out of touch with natural rhythms that they have great difficulty sensing their own internal rhythms.  They do not even acknowledge such rhythms exist — even women, to whom these rhythms are obvious.

If you are around animals, you can perhaps see that animals are aware of their rhythms.  Sometimes animals are more alert, and active.  Sometimes they have energy, and need to run, and play a good deal.  Other times they are less active, and sleep more hours of the day.  Sometimes they are in great need of affectionate contact.  Other times they wish to keep to themselves a bit more.

Humans are no different.  Sometimes humans have energy.  Other times they have less.  Sometimes humans need to eat more.  Sometimes they need to eat less.  Sometimes humans need extra sleep.  Other times they can hum along on less sleep.  Sometimes humans greatly need to socialize.  Other times, they need quiet and solitude.  Such patterns, of course, vary widely from person to person.

On top of the individual rhythms are the world’s rhythms — the solar and lunar rhythms, and the seasonal rhythms of summer, fall, winter, and spring.  Such rhythms have a great impact on animals and humans.

It is good to understand that you are not and cannot be the same all the time.  You are not a robot, powering along in a steady, consistent state.  You are a biological organism, and you are governed, like it or not, by a complex set of rhythms.

This is one of the reasons it is so very important to allow yourself to rest when you are tired.  It is the call of your body’s natural rhythm.  If you frequently refuse to heed that call, then you will become increasingly “out of whack” with your rhythm.  It is like an instrument falling out of tune.  Over time, this can lead to a host of mental and physical difficulties, including insomnia, anxiety, depression, and various stress-related illnesses.

So please, men and women: understand that your body has rhythms and cycles.  When you calm your mind and allow your body to relax, these rhythms will clearly present themselves to you.  Please listen to your body’s rhythms.