Today we ask you to loosen your grip on whatever you are clutching.

If you look inside, most of you will find that you are holding on to something — or many things — very tightly.

Maybe it is something you want very badly, that you are worried you will not get.  Maybe it is a grievance, or feeling of injustice.  Maybe it is a position in an argument you are having.  Maybe it is a way that you feel victimized.  Maybe it is anger at a person, or situation.

Whatever it is, this thing you are holding on to is a tight, clenched bundle of energy in your consciousness.  It is a knot.  It is a place that blocks flow.  Usually, when people are holding on to things, there is physical tension in the body.  The mental knots create physical knots and blockages.  This can be a source of pain, and illness.

That is why it is essential that you release blocked energy in your mind.  You all know, deep down, what you are holding on to.  You know what you are clenching.

Please understand that this tightness does you no good.  It will not resolve the problem.  It will not change the past.  And it will only continue to create tension in the future.

So focus on a clenched area.  As you do, imagine that it is an object you are clutching very tightly.  The object has a size, shape, texture, and color.  It may be warm, or cold.  Really allow yourself to see and feel this thing you are holding on to.

Once the image/feeling is there, notice how you feel inside your body as you clutch this tension-creating thing in your mind.  How does your stomach feel?  How does your chest feel?  How is your breathing?  What sensations do you feel?

Now… imagine that you are releasing this burden.  It drops from your hand.  It falls to the ground.

You can just leave it there, on the ground.  Nothing will happen to it.  It is safe.  You are free to walk away from it, and get on with your life.  You can always come back to it, if you wish.  It’s still there.  The main thing is, you don’t need to hold on to it.  Let it rest on the earth.  The earth can support it much better than you can.

Please — release your worries, your fears, your anxieties, your grievances, your traumas.  You do not need to hold on to these things, in your body and mind.  Just set them down.  Release them.

You will find that issues resolve much more smoothly when you do not clench around them.  Release.  Relax.