Today we ask you to understand that your life is good.

Whatever life you have been given — it is good.

And the more you know this, the better it will feel.  The more you believe this, the better it will feel.

Most people do not believe this.  They think life could be better.  Life should be better.  And if it should be better, that means it is not good enough.  And if it is not good enough, it is not good.

But it is all relative.  The grass could always be greener somewhere else.  There are many people who have very good lives, according to the usual standards — wealth, success, families, health — who are not really happy at all.  They too think their lives ought to be better.

And then there are some people who have relatively little, and yet are happy.

They are happy because they believe that life is good.

The joy comes from the belief — not the external state.  When you believe life is good, it is.

When you believe life is good, it is.

Reality is very simple this way.