Today we ask that you feel and believe in your own goodness.

You are a good person.

Notice if resistance comes up as you hold this idea.  If a voice pipes up to say “No, you are not.”  It may start to give all the reasons why you are not really all that good, or perhaps not good at all.

Nonetheless, you are a good person.

The voice can say whatever it says.  That does not make it true.  If you pay attention, you will notice that the Voice is wrong about many things.  In fact, the Voice of Self-Attack is always wrong.

You may believe that the Voice of Self-Attack makes you good.  You may believe that it is only by cringing under the lash of the Self-Attacking Voice that you remain a virtuous person.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

You are good.  You were born good, and nothing you have done or not done since the moment of your birth has made you any less good.

All the Voice of Self-Attack does is create anxiety and stress, which in turn makes you prone to doing things that you may regret.  The Voice of Self-Attack does not make you virtuous.  It may make you into a pinched, tight person who clings to a sense of moral superiority — but it does not make you good.

You are intrinsically good.

Are you interested in being both good, and happy?

Then stop listening to the Voice of Self-Attack.  It is always wrong.