Today we ask you to know that sometimes, when you experience crazy or destructive feelings and thoughts, the energy is not yours.

You live in a vast community of humans.  You interact and engage with them — even people you do not know, through the internet and TV.

It is actually very easy to pick up “thought viruses” as easily as one picks up the common cold — particularly when your defenses are low, i.e. when you are tired, lack rest, or are stressed.

Thought viruses increase your level of fear, and may cause you to experience anxiety, depression, or rage.

We say this not to make you feel paranoid about your interactions.  We say this rather to ease your burden of guilt around these matters.

Sometimes we feel very guilty when we act out, or behave compulsively and negatively.  There is a tendency to attack the self — to see one’s self as defective and bad for acting out.

If you recognize that sometimes the destructive thoughts and energy are not even yours to begin with, then perhaps this burden of guilt can be eased.  Insanity can spread like the common cold.  Look at places where a “mob mentality” takes hold — as in Nazi Germany.  Perhaps you will judge other people less harshly when you recognize insanity can be contagious.

Your main defense against this is to keep your body and mind healthy, strong, and relaxed.  A good psychic immune system can withstand even the most potent thought virus.