Today we ask that you feel what it is to trust reality.

Trusting reality means that it is not your job to fix, correct, or judge reality.

Trusting reality means that it is not your job to figure out how reality works.

Trusting reality means that it is not your job to improve reality.

Reality cannot be improved, fixed, or corrected.

Given your limited perceptual capacity, you are in no position to judge reality.

Reality is not broken.  Reality is not defective.

Humans are not here to fix reality.

Reality does not need to be healed, or made whole.

Reality is whole.  It cannot be broken, or split into pieces.  It is intrinsically whole.

Any belief system which teaches the concept of a “broken reality” is false.

If reality were, in fact, broken or defective, then we would not advise you to trust it.

You can trust reality because reality is whole.

Your reality is not a mistake.  Your universe is not a mistake.

Your reality is far more fluid and impermanent than most of you perceive it to be — but it is not a mistake.

Reality is exactly as it should be.  It is supposed to be this way.

It follows, therefore, that you are exactly as you should be.  You are supposed to be this way.

Since reality is whole, all the qualities that it possesses, you, too, possess.

You are not broken.  You are not defective.  You do not need to be fixed, or corrected.

Reality does not judge you.

Whatever it is you imagine “God” to be — please know that God does not judge you.  That is not possible.

The qualities some people ascribe to “God” — that God is a judging or punitive deity; that God would cast His creations out of paradise, into a broken realm — please know that this is all false.  All untrue.

That is not “God.”  That was never “God.”

That deity is a reflection of human consciousness.  Not even of contemporary human consciousness, but of an ancient, tribal, warlike, and frankly animalistic consciousness.

“God” is not that.

Reality is whole.  It is loving.  It is completely loving.  And it can be trusted.