Today we will further examine the idea of wearing “virtual reality goggles.”

In a previous communication, we explained that everyone views reality through their own individual perceptual field.  It is as if everyone is walking around wearing a pair of virtual reality goggles.  You interact with each other, yes, but whatever the setting on your own pair of virtual reality goggles is, you may perceive another person’s behavior as crazy. By the same token, they perceive you as crazy.  This is because they are wearing different virtual reality goggles.

So: someone with the goggles set to “fundamentalist religion” will actually perceive a completely different reality from someone whose goggles are set to “secular humanism.”

It is a serious problem, in your world.

For different perceptual filters are as prohibitive as different languages, in terms of communication.  People with widely divergent virtual reality goggles essentially speak different languages.

So how can one communicate with someone who is wearing very different virtual reality goggles?

One of the best ways is through storytelling.  All human beings share a love of myth and stories.  Books, television shows, and movies can cross the perceptual filter barrier.

Although people with widely divergent perceptual filters will perceive these stories differently, storytelling is a highly effective way to cross perceptual divides.  If you wish to understand people, read their books.  Watch their films.  In this way, you can get inside someone else’s virtual reality goggles.  Storytelling thus increases tolerance and understanding — even if the material is crass, unintelligent, or violent, this is so.  Do not underestimate the power of storytelling.

The key with all communication between variant perceptual filters is to attune yourself to the different person’s frequency.  It is not easy to do so, and sometimes it may feel unpleasant, or constrictive.  Yet this is the only way to “get the message across.”

Indeed, this is how we communicate with you, right now.  We must attune ourselves to your frequency, even though it feels very limiting for us.  Yet is it the only way to get the message across.