Today we ask that you understand that the way reality works is, generally speaking, counterintuitive to everything you have been taught.

What does this mean?

For example, for most people, “work” means keeping one’s nose to the grindstone, diligently plugging away at tasks that you do not particularly enjoy.  You do this in exchange for money, status, prestige, and other forms of security and ego gratification.

The majority of “work” undertaken with this kind of consciousness is, in fact, not a good use of time and energy.

You are not robots.  You are not automatons.  You are not machines.  You are not computers.

It is one thing for a computer to grind away at a problem, or for a machine to mindlessly plug away at a boring task.  That is the proper use of computers and machines.

But you are human beings.  And it is a terrible waste to use human beings like computers and machines.

This is because humans have, at their disposal, a vast source of awareness and consciousness.

Some people call this “the Universe.”  Others call it “God.”  Some think of it as divine awareness.  Or talking to angels.  Or communicating with higher dimensional beings, which we would say is an accurate description.  Some call it communicating with the Higher Self, which is also accurate.

It does not matter what you call it.  The point is, every living human has the capacity to do this.

This realm is accessed through relaxed, meditative consciousness — which is totally antithetical to “putting one’s nose to the grindstone.”

Indeed, stress, pressure, anxiety, force and general grindstoniness are active blocks to accessing this realm.

In this realm, you utilize your full potential as a human being.  Whatever your work is, it is meant to be a joy to you, and a stimulating growth experience.  Tasks can be completed far more quickly and efficiently in this realm.

Creativity — which is what sets you apart from computers and machines — is accessed in this realm.  That is where it flows from.

It does not matter what you call it.  The collective unconscious, aliens, ancestor spirits, gods, fairies, prophets — it does not matter.

It is the well from which all life and vitality springs.

You cannot get there by pushing, forcing, controlling, or conquering.

You can only get there by letting go.

That is why it is counterintuitive.

Yet is the truest thing in your reality.