Today we ask that you meditate on the concept of resonance.

Resonance is what happens when an object vibrates in a particular way, by which a subtle vibration becomes strongly magnified.

For example: certain works of literature, art, music and architecture have strong resonance.  When they are first created, it may not be clear that they are any different from other art objects.  Yet, over time, an object of art with strong resonance will draw a great deal of energy.  

So it is with the works of certain artists, poets, novelists, and musicians whose work at times may not win initial attention, but with the passage of time become very well known.  It is because the art has a strong resonance.

Certain individual humans possess strong resonance.  This means they will influence their reality in large ways, even if they appear to be unassuming people.  They do not need to be rich or famous in order to do so.  They just have a strong resonance, and their emanating vibration strongly impacts the world around them.  They may not even understand that they have such an impact.

So what creates strong resonance, in humans and in objects of art?

Strong resonance comes from depth, spaciousness, timelessness, and love.

These qualities imbue a person, thing, or work of art with strong resonance.

Depth.  Spaciousness.  Timelessness.  Love.  

Your reality is extremely fluid, temporary, and shallow.  Most of you do not know this, though you always feel it on some level.

Beyond your fluid, shallow and temporary world of form lies a far deeper reality.

This deeper reality has the qualities of depth, spaciousness, timelessness, and love.

People and things that resonate strongly in your world are anchored in the deeper reality.

So they feel more “real” than most things.  A painting by Van Gogh feels more real than reality itself.

All great artists tap into this depth.

This is what it means to have resonance.