Today we ask that you understand it is not your role to judge and criticize.

Many people believe that this is, in fact, their role: to judge and correct other people’s behavior, from a vantage point of superiority.

Really this is a form of bad parenting.  It usually derives from people who have been poorly parented.  Most people are poorly parented in your world, so this problem is endemic.

The good parent loves, nurtures, and supports his or her child.  The good parent teaches by example.  The good parent creates an environment that feels nurturing and supportive.

Parenting that focuses on continual judgment and correction of the child’s behavior is highly destructive.  It creates insecure, frightened beings who then go out into the world and discover that the only thing that eases their chronic anxiety is to feel superior to other people.  Life then becomes all about striving to feel superior to others — in terms of status, wealth, moral superiority, intellectual superiority, physical superiority, and so on.

Naturally, when these insecure beings go on to have children of their own, there is a tendency to focus on judgment, correction, and forcing the children to do things.  Such insecure parents are very insecure about their children, and must prove that their children are superior to other people’s children.  

And so the cycle goes on and on and on.

It is an awful way to live.

Judgment and correction are not useful.

You are not superior to anyone else.

You cannot be superior to anyone else, no matter how rich, successful, beautiful, virtuous, or intelligent you may be.  

If you wish to heal your reality, you must drop the energy of judgment, correction, and superiority.  You must shift into a way of being that is focused on love, support, and encouragement.

This is the only way to end the destructive cycle.

Become Good Parents — to your children, and to yourselves.

Love each other.  Support each other.  Encourage each other.