Today we ask you to possess enough self-awareness to know when you are going insane.

All depressive thought patterns — thoughts of hopelessness, despair, worthlessness, suicide, and so on — are insane.

All anxious thought patterns — feelings of free-floating terror, impending doom, panic, and so on — are insane.

All attack thoughts — violent thoughts directed toward the self, or others — are insane.

All paranoid thoughts — of conspiracies, authority figures colluding against you, and so on — are insane.

Many, if not most, human beings experience insanity.

One of the sanest things you can do as a human is to possess enough self-awareness to know when you are insane.

This means your insanity is ending.

Insanity is a disease.  It is actually quite contagious.  It spreads from human to human, in the form of insane ideas and thought forms.  Therefore, when you know you are insane, it is possible to take measures to avoid spreading your insane thought forms, the same way one takes precautions to avoid spreading a cold virus.

The main thing to do when you are insane is to take measures to restore your sanity.  Meditation, exercise, and yoga are effective tools.  Therapy, massage, and energy work are effective tools.  If the sickness is severe enough, then medication is an effective tool, although ideally its usage is temporary, as a stabilization measure.  However, in some cases, long term usage is necessary.

When you are insane, you cannot trust your thought process.  Your thought process is not to be trusted, any more than you would trust the advice of a crazy person.  

It is very possible to heal from insanity, but the first step is recognizing that you are insane.  It is like recognizing alcoholism or drug addiction.  There is nothing to be done until you acknowledge you have the illness.  And depression, anxiety, violent ideation, and paranoia are illnesses.  They may be minor and passing, like a cold virus, but they are illnesses nonetheless and must be treated as such.

There is nothing shameful about insanity.  Most humans experience insanity.  The main thing is to acknowledge it, treat it, and avoid spreading it.

When someone is insane — do not believe what they say.  When you are experiencing insanity — do not believe your thoughts.  In this way you will restore, and maintain, true mental health.