Today we ask that you meditate on the meaning of faith.

Faith is the belief that reality is good, and life is good.

That is all faith is.

Reality is good.  Life is good.

So: when bad things appear to happen, it is not because reality is bad.

You will all come to understand this, sooner or later.

For the majority, it will be understood when you depart from your physical body at death.

A very few come to understand this while they are within physical bodies.

For these ones, life is not a terrifying, painful experience.  This is because they trust reality.

Trusting reality does not mean you are blind, stupid, foolish, or gullible.

Trusting reality does not mean, “Trust untrustworthy people.”

But even if people are untrustworthy, the underlying reality is trustworthy.

So — even when untrustworthy people do questionable things, they are still unconsciously serving the underlying reality, which is trustworthy.

This is difficult to understand from a limited perspective.  But it is easy to understand from an expanded perspective.

Reality is good.  It always moves toward the good.  No matter what people do, reality always moves toward the good.

The body always tries to heal.  This is reality moving toward the good.  When the body cannot heal, it dies.  This is also reality moving toward the good.

If you understand that death is never a tragedy, it becomes easier to perceive that reality is always moving toward the good.

If you truly grasped this, your suffering would end.  You would no longer struggle with reality.

Reality is good.  It always moves toward the good.