Today we ask that you let go of your need to be right about everything.

If experience has shown you anything in life, it’s that you are wrong about a great many things.  You probably look back on earlier versions of yourself and think “Oh, what a fool I was!”

And yet right now at this moment part of you believes that you have the capacity to be right about everything, and never make errors in judgment.

This belief about yourself is why you are a fool.  Right now.  Not just in the past.  

The more seriously you take yourself and your need to be right about everything, the more of a fool you are.

The wise man knows that he knows nothing.

You do not even understand what reality really is, let alone how to control it so that you have a safe, error-free existence.

In any case, a baby who is afraid of making errors will never learn to walk or talk.

So the need to be right about everything, the fear of making errors, actually inhibits your growth.

Try things.  Make “mistakes.”  Be foolish.

It’s all right.  You’re only human.