Today we ask you to examine the ways in which you think about things.

Your perception — and therefore, experience — of reality is largely shaped by your thoughts.

Many of you know this.  But do you really know it?

Your perception of reality is highly variable and subjective, and this is almost entirely shaped by the way you think about things.

This is why it is possible for two people to witness the same event and yet have entirely different interpretations of what occurred.  Neither are “wrong.”  Both are “wrong.”

The implications of this really are staggering.

This means that people of different religions, races, genders, political affiliations, and so on, actually perceive reality differently.

So one person thinks the other person is crazy, stupid, or perhaps even “evil.”

But the “enemy” is looking at the situation through a completely different perceptual filter.  Their behavior may seem inexplicable to you, or stupid, or crass, or objectionable.  Your behavior may seem the same way to them.

It is as if everyone is running around wearing their own virtual reality goggles.  They interact with each other, but they are literally living in different realities.  This is essentially the situation on your planet.

So what is the way out?

It begins when individuals start to question, really question, their beliefs and thoughts about reality.

This is like lessening the distortion field on the virtual reality goggles.

You can even use your imagination to really put yourself inside someone else’s perception.  This means letting go of your judgments of that person.  It is only in a neutral state that you can use your imaginative faculty in this way, and slip into someone else’s reality goggles.

Also, be aware of when someone else is trying to insert their perception of reality into yours — often on television, on the internet, in advertisements, and so on.  There are many humans who spend their whole lives trying to alter other people’s perceptual fields, and some of them are very good at it.

What people call “enlightenment” is really a state in which the goggles are off, and you truly see what is.