Today we ask again that you meditate on your individual energy.

Every living human has a totally unique energy signature, which is a multidimensional “shape”.

Some humans have similar, or complementary shapes.  You know when a human has a complementary shape as yours when you feel very comfortable with that person.  There is a sense of ease, and belonging.  When you find such people, value them!  Cherish them!  It is a very good thing to surround yourself with beings who have similar shapes.  This creates a kind of group resonance, by which a great deal of growth can occur.

Certain jobs, environments, and lifestyles are complementary to your shape.  It is a very good thing when your shape matches your lifestyle and environment.

Often, loud voices will say that some shapes are better than others — that there are right ways and wrong ways of being.  Better ways of being, and worse ways of being.

This is nonsense.

Some people are like ants.  Others are like bears.  Others are like otters.  Some people are very extroverted.  Others are introverted.  Some people love cities.  Others love the country.  Some people like to worship in a church.  Others like to meditate in isolation.  Everyone is different.  There is no point in turning an ant into a butterfly.  You can dress an ant up in butterfly clothes, but it will not change the essence of its being.

It is a sad and wasteful thing when someone tries to force someone else to fit a different shape than they are — like when a parent forces a child.  It is even sadder when you force yourself.

So: know yourself.  Know what feels like a match for you.  Go there.  Go there.  Feel it.  

Listen to your bodies.  Often, your body knows far better than your mind what is a match for you.  The mind can get very confused, and hypnotized into believing it should be a different shape.  But the body never forgets.

Sometimes the body gets sick when the mind tries to force the being into a different shape.  This is because the shape pattern resides in the body, not the mental thoughts.

Listen to yourself.  Be your own shape.  Do not heed other voices.  Listen to yourself.