Today we ask you to examine what it is you do out of obligation, and what it is you do out of genuine desire.

On the whole, actions undertaken out of obligation are not particularly fruitful.  There is an energetic grind that occurs in obligatory activities — for the will is conflicted, and divided.  You are doing something that you do not wholeheartedly wish to do.  What real good can come of this?

Whereas actions taken out of true desire are fruitful.  There is no internal conflict, no hesitation.  Everything is in flow.  There is no energy drain that comes with internal conflict.  So things tend to click into place.  There may be challenges, but the will is strong enough to overcome them.

Generally speaking, most people’s lives have a heavy preponderance of obligatory activity, peppered with infrequent pure-hearted actions.

When that is the case, people tend to feel stuck, trapped, and lacking in flow — often both energetic, and monetary flow.

One way of increasing flow is to increase the amount of pure-hearted action, and decrease the amount of obligatory action in your life.

The world will not end if you are not good little boys and girls who dutifully fulfill your obligations.

Life is meant to be enjoyed.  That is where the juice and fire of life comes from.  Do what you love!  Do what you love, because you love it.  And do not allow the things you love to become obligatory.  That is a slow death.

Life is meant to be enjoyed.