Today we ask that you keep your eyes open as you move through the world.

Many people walk through life half-asleep.  They are caught up in their thinking.  They are not present.  They are not looking around at the world.  They are like crazy people, heads full of thoughts, almost mumbling to themselves as they walk along.  They do not really communicate with other people, because their minds only have room for their own thoughts.

The only external thoughts such people pay attention to are the ones that are broadcasted in such a way as to overpower their internal chatter.  Faces on a television screen can do this.  Thoughts communicated on the bright screen of a computer can do this.

Because they are half-asleep, they are apt to believe whatever the bright screen tells them to.  The thoughts communicated over the bright screen are absorbed into the internal swirl, and the person continues along, absorbed in thought, not present.

Half-asleep people are easily hypnotized.  They may find themselves compulsively doing things that deep down they do not wish to do.  Sometimes human beings commit unthinkable violent acts against other human beings because they have been hypnotized into doing so.  If they were more awake, they would not.  But sleepwalkers do crazy things without understanding why.  Later, they may wake up and wonder “How could I have done such a thing?”

So keep your eyes open.  Be present in the world.  Look out the windows of your eyes, and truly see.  Stay awake.  It is not easy to hypnotize someone who is wide awake.