Today we ask that you release your need to “make things happen.”

In truth, things happen, or they do not happen.

This does not mean, be passive and lay on your sofa watching TV all day.

On the other hand, it is not a bad thing to relax.  Watching TV is not particularly relaxing.  But it is very good to relax.

You may accomplish much more by getting a massage than by keeping your nose to the grindstone.

Sometimes you cannot “make things happen” no matter how much you try.  Other times things just seem to fall into place.

Generally speaking, the use of force will only “make things happen” temporarily — and then it usually backfires.

Rather than trying to “make things happen,” it is best to simply “let things happen.”

Many people block energy, or stand in the way of their own light.  It would be better for such a person to just get out of their own way instead of making things happen.

When you make things happen, the result comes at a high energetic cost, and is usually temporary.

When you let things happen, there is much less energy expenditure, and the result is long-lasting.

That is the difference between making things happen and letting things happen.