Today we ask you to sit with the idea that it is okay for things to fall apart.

Sometimes, especially after traumatic events, there is a kind of collapse that occurs within people.  A breakdown.

It is okay, and in fact important, to allow yourself to experience such breakdowns from time to time.

Unfortunately, many people are taught that it is not okay to break down.  They believe they must remain strong.  Keep a stiff upper lip.  Fight on.

In the heat of a crisis situation, it is important to remain upright and calm, it is true.

However, once the immediate crisis is over, it is crucial that you give yourself time and space in which to discharge the trauma.

That is why “breakdowns” are sometimes necessary.  They allow the body and mind a way of discharging trauma.

If trauma is not discharged, it will linger in the body and mind, and create the symptoms of the syndrome known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In truth, many, if not most, human beings carry low to high amounts of trauma in their body and minds.

That is why antidepressants and other mood stabilizing medications are in such high demand.  So many people are on the verge of breakdowns, and they take medication in order to stop the collapse, and remain functional.

In a healthy society, there would be places people could go to collapse after experiencing trauma.  Places in which trained practitioners would support them in their collapse.

In this way, trauma would be released, and not linger.  As a result, there would be a great reduction in physical and mental illness.  Much physical and mental illness is caused by unreleased trauma.

It is okay to collapse after trauma.  It is okay to have a breakdown.

It is an important part of life, in fact.  Collapse allows humans to grow and regenerate, like the phoenix from the ashes.

Collapse is also sometimes important for institutions, and societies.

If collapse could be understood, and not feared and suppressed, it would be allowed its proper place as a vital part of human existence.