Today we ask that you take time to listen to your body.

The fast-paced world of modern existence is very hard on human bodies.  While it is true that many people live longer because of greater hygiene, access to antibiotics, and so on, a host of diseases has arisen to take the place of the old maladies.  Modern diseases are largely stress-related, and are connected to not listening to the body.

In older days, slaves and serfs were worked to death in the fields.  Nowadays people work themselves to death out of their own free will.

More than anything, human bodies require rest.  If you observe the behavior of animals and small children, you will see that they sleep a great deal.  Adult humans have no less need for sleep.  They just don’t allow themselves to do so.  They think it is being “responsible,” but in many ways it is anything but.  For the practice of not resting and overworking one’s self in the long term leads to illness, which is a terrible burden to one’s family and fellow humans.  Therefore one could argue that being a workaholic who subsists on minimal sleep is the furthest thing from being responsible.  

Do you want to be a responsible human being?  Rest.  Sleep.  Give yourself downtime.  Take weekends.  Give yourself true time off.  Listen to your body, when your body is crying out for rest.  If you can no longer rest without the aid of drugs and relaxants, then the matter is urgent.  It is very possible for people to work themselves to death.

Some people may truly have no choice in these matters, like the serfs and slaves of old.  But most modern people do have a choice — and they choose exhaustion, in the belief that it will bring them a grander lifestyle and help them climb ladders.  They may believe they are making sacrifices for their children.  But really this is not so.  Many children would prefer their parents to be happy, healthy, and present, even at the cost of their lifestyle, rather than unavailable, stressed out, tired all the time, and unhealthy.

Listen to your body.

Listen to your body.