Today we ask you to understand that the future does not exist, outside of your mind.

There is no future, as such.  The only place it exists is as a concept that you think about, and imagine.

You may spend a great deal of time imagining potential futures.  That doesn’t make them any less imaginary.

But here is what is true — when you are ruminating about the future, you are not present in your body, in the here and now.

Moreover, it takes a great deal of physical energy to run projections of the future inside your mind.  So not only are you not present, you are actually draining your physical body of energy right now.  Your fantasies are literally exhausting you, and making it much harder to focus on whatever it is you need to do right at this moment.

It is natural to fantasize about the future, but really, it does not help you at all in the here and now.

It is one thing to make plans that you can put into effect right now — like saving money to go on vacation, or booking plane tickets.

But when you are fantasizing about things that you can do nothing about right now, that are predicated on events you have no control over in the present moment — this is actually not good for you.

For it takes you away from the present.  Worse, it creates a reality in which you cannot be happy until this imagined future somehow manifests itself.

In short, fantasizing about the future is a recipe for depression, anxiety, and exhaustion.

It is one thing to make wedding plans after you are engaged.

It another to make wedding plans before you have even met the person you are marrying.  

The best way to have a joyful future is to create joy in your present moment.  

Right now is the only future you actually have.

Many people are familiar with stories of people who die suddenly, or who are diagnosed with terminal illness, and abruptly discover that the future they were fantasizing about is not to be.

Most people in those situations feel deep regret that they did not enjoy their lives more before receiving the diagnosis.

Truly, you cannot know what will happen tomorrow.

So here you are.  Right now.  Do you want to spend this moment with your head off in some imaginary future?  Or do you want to make the most of what has been given to you at this very moment.

Your lives are really so full, and rich.  The more present you are, the more you will experience this.