Today we ask that you let go of your need to make sense of everything that happens.

Sometimes it is best to just sit in the feelings and sensations of the present moment.

Many humans have a tendency to overanalyze what happens.  Their minds are perpetually spinning and churning, inventing stories to make sense of what they perceive — stories that may actually be quite wrong.

The analytical mind is a powerful and useful tool, when used in moderation.  But when allowed to run wild it can be destructive and even monstrous — giving rise to paranoia, and other unreal fantasies.

In other words, the need to make sense of everything can be a shortcut to madness.

For example: imagine you get an email from someone you do not know very well, that contains only a fragment of a message.

If you do not feel comfortable immediately writing back to the person for clarification, your analytical mind may go berserk trying to make sense of the partial message.  What could it possibly mean?

The mind may leap to some startling conclusions — and only later discover that it was entirely wrong, that the message was simply garbled, and incomplete.

Your entire perception of reality is like this.

It is like trying to make sense of something that your logical mind cannot understand.  Whole religions have been invented to make sense of reality.  Some wild stories have arisen to describe reality, often as a warped byproduct of the analytical mind attempting to make sense of something it cannot make sense of.

This is why the wisest of men let go of their need to analyze and make sense of reality, and just experience it.  Out of that presence arises true clarity.  There is no longer any story about reality.  It just is.

Truly what most pious people consider the Word of God is like a garbled, incomplete email message.

If you wish to communicate clearly with God, send your own message.  And then sit, and be present with experience, with what is happening, without analyzing things.

You’ll get an answer.  One that is felt, not understood.