Today we ask that you release your need to have other people be different from who they are.

Spending one’s time complaining about other people or wishing they were different is a terrible waste of time, energy, and mental resources.  

It is like being angry at water because it is wet.

People are who they are.  Often they do things that may frustrate other people.

Many children are constantly frustrated that things are the way they are, and not different.  They are always getting angry at their parents and siblings for not doing what they want, and frustrating their desires.

For the most part, wanting other people to act differently is a very childish thing.  Unfortunately, most adults do not outgrow this behavior.

If a person wants to change, that is one thing.

If they come to you asking for help, that is one thing.

But it is another thing to insist that people should change and be completely different people, when they have no desire to change.  

It is like wanting a cat to be a dog, or a dog to be a cat.  Only a very childish person would insist that a cat ought to be more like a dog, or a dog more like a cat.

Part of growing up, really growing up, means accepting that cats are cats, dogs are dogs, and water is wet.  Only a child would expect otherwise.

They are literally countless ways for people to spend their time and energy that is far more useful and constructive than wishing for other people to be different.

Imagine a world in which people wish for red lights to be green, for conservatives to be liberals and liberals to be conservatives, for children to always put their socks away neatly, for ants not to swarm around crumbs left on the ground, for there to be more hours in the day, and for their spouses to be completely different people.

It sounds like a crazy world out of a children’s story.  But it is your world.

Nations could be fueled on all the wasted energy of people screaming at other people to be different.