Today we ask that you look at your need for approval.

Are you someone who needs to be liked, and approved of?  Are there particular people whose approval you hungrily seek, and whose disapproval feels debilitating?

The desire for approval is natural, and instinctive.  There is a part of you that believes your survival depends on approval.  To be cast out of the tribe was, in ancient times, a death sentence.  Children naturally seek their parents’ approval, and then grow up to be people in search of approval from authority figures in their lives.

Please know that you do not need approval in order to survive.

This does not mean, go around alienating people or being an unfriendly person.

There is a big difference between being an approval-seeking person, and someone who is just “good with people.”

An approval-seeking person is often not good with people.  That is because an approval-seeking person is so desperate for approval that he or she may resort to inauthentic behaviors in order to win approval.  He or she will do things that are not in integrity to win approval.

If you go against your own nature to win approval, if you are not true to yourself, if you pretend to be someone you are not — this will always backfire.  Often you will wind up being disapproved of by the person you were trying so hard to impress.

Just be yourself.  Be yourself.

Some people will like you.  Others will not.  That is the way of things.  It is a matter of taste, like favorite movies and TV shows.  Some people will be into you.  Others won’t.

But at least the people who are into you will really be into you.  And one person who loves you for who you are is worth ten thousand false friends.

This is what happens when you stop seeking approval, and stand secure in yourself.

Some people may not like you.  Others will.

And you will find that the world will not end if you some people don’t like you.  Truly, those people are not your friends.

Clasp your true friends to your heart.  Let go of everyone else.

Let go of the need for approval, and you may just find true love.