Today we ask that you connect with something or someone in your life that is very pure.

What does this mean?

For many people, life is a mixture of pure-hearted actions, and actions that are clouded, or ego-based, or fear-based.

So: you have jobs.  For many, you do your job for a mixture of reasons.  At the core there may be a sense of love, and satisfaction at a job well done.  But usually there are other reasons: you must pay the bills, support yourself, or support other people.  And so comes confusion: do you do what you do for love, or for money?

Even with an action as pure-hearted as raising a child, confusion can arise.  A parent loves his child, and yet may place his own egocentric projections upon that child.  The parent loves the child, but also needs the child to meet his projections, live out his own unfulfilled aspirations, and so on.  And so parenting becomes this mixture of pure-hearted and egocentric motivations.

That is why today we ask that you connect with something in your life that is truly pure.  Something about which you feel no confusion, or inner conflict.

It is something that you love to do, just for the doing of it, with no thought of reward.

It can be as simple as watching a favorite movie or television show, or listening to your favorite music, or reading a beloved book.  Or playing a game or sport that you derive pure enjoyment from.

There is absolutely no sense of fear around this activity.  It is just something you love to do, in a simple, utterly uncomplicated way.

This is where your heart is.

It is so very good to sit in that feeling of pure-hearted connection and joy.  Whatever it is in your life that gives you this feeling — do that!  Cultivate pure-hearted action.  You will find that the good feeling that arises out of doing things you love just for the fun of it has a way of spreading into other areas of your life.