Today we ask that you stop grinding away at life.  Stop the “daily grind.”

What does this mean?

Many of you have been taught that to accomplish anything in life, it is necessary to push, force, and exhaust yourself.

This is absolutely not true.  It is false.

If you observe the ways of nature, you will see that there is no grinding or pushing.  Nothing can be forced.  Seeds germinate and grow.  They cannot be pushed or forced, without damaging the organism.

It is the same with all life forms.

Relaxation is the key to true growth.

By relaxation, we do not mean be a couch potato, and do nothing.

Relaxation is a state of mind.  It is an absence of nervous tension, and fear.  It is a confident awareness and focus.  It is a sense that things can be done without the use of force.

People force things when they are nervous, and afraid.  They do not trust that things will work out without the use of force.  They cannot relax.  They cannot allow nature to take its course.

As a result, people who give in to using force often damage or kill what they wish to cultivate.  They usually damage themselves in the process.

A good gardener does not use too much water or over-fertilize.  A good gardener plants seeds and gives them just the right amount of patient nurturing, without forcing.

“Grinding” and “growing” do not go together.  If you wish to grow, you cannot grind.

Whatever it is you wish to accomplish — do not be forceful about it.  Do not push, grab, or suffocate.

Living well is like making love.  To live well is like being a good lover.  You do not push, grab, or force the universe to give you what you want.

You relax, and flow.  There is presence, will, and focus.  But no force.  No grinding.

Life is a juicy thing.  Don’t grind at it.