Today we ask that you find a few moments to create space for yourself within the hustle and bustle of your busy lives.

It is not hard to do this, but it takes a small amount of will and effort.  For continuous activity has an addictive quality.  It is difficult to pull yourself away from the flow of continual stimulation.

The best thing is to create a little window of time for yourself, in which you can relax, and settle your mind.

You can do this by setting a timer.

Even three minutes is sufficient to create space, and breathing room.

One thing you can do is set a timer for three minutes, and look out a window.  During that three minutes, be very attentive to all that you see and hear.  Even if your window looks out on a boring view, there is still much to see out there. 

Imagine asking a small child to report on what he sees out the window.  The child would see many things: the colors of cars, a piece of paper on the ground, a fly buzzing.  See if you can bring that kind of attentive consciousness to looking out a window.  Three minutes isn’t a very long time.

Another way to create space is by setting a timer for three minutes, and doing simple physical exercises.  Stretch.  Touch your toes.  These of you familiar with yoga can do simple yoga exercises.  

You can also set a timer for three minutes, play music, and dance.  Move.  Jump up and down.  

The key is to be very present in your body.

Whatever you do during your three minute break, it is essential that you do not look at a computer, check email, or answer a phone.  Turn off your ringers and buzzers.  This exercise is all about creating a break in the continuous flow of nervous stimulation.

Even doing this once a day can be very helpful.  Twice or three times a day, better still.

Three minutes is not much time at all.  You will not fail to get things done by taking a three minute space break.  But it just long enough to give your mind a little breather, and will actually help you work with greater consciousness and focus.